Animate is an application that runs on DPS (now Leitch) PVR, Reality and Quatras hardware to capture one or more frames of stop-motion animation or line tests, and enable instant playback of the sequence. It is used both to capture broadcast quality video for TV, and for film video assist. It is possible to associate a sound file with the video and to play them in sync.

It was originally written and developed by Peter Kavanagh of DPS to a specification developed by me in consultation with Key Animators at Aardman Animations, as part of the pre-production process of 'Chicken Run'. it has since been used in a variety of projects, at Aardman and elsewhere, both film and TV.

Animate screenshot
Screen Shot

For detailed information on this programme you can download it's help file by clicking here.

Last updated: Friday, 12 November 2010.
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