Penguin Power!

A page of links for those of you not yet familiar with Open Source Software and the Linux world.

The Free Software Foundation.   What it's all about.

Smoothwall   A Firewall that can run on older hardware.

The Gnome Organisation and KDE are Desktop environments and all include the applications you could want .

SuSE and Red Hat are Linux distributions

Note: Linux distributions don't just give you an operating system.  You get  web browsers, office suites, games, programming tools, etc... etc ..... etc ....

All the links below have Windoze versions (if you must).   An office productivity suite.

The GIMP   Powerful  image editing and creation  package.

Firefox   Is an open source web browser, Thunderbird is its email client.

Opera     A web browser, (not open source).

These are just a small selection of what is available, but a good selection of places to start.

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