Anibak is designed to save work being created using the Animate programme. It sits in the background and at user defined intervals checks to see if the nominated file has changed. If it has, the video is backed-up and also any associated sound file. Some other files are also saved to enable a recreation of the working environment on a replacement machine. It is designed to interfere as little as possible with the animator's work. For projects involving very large video files, such as broadcast TV work, it can be set up by the user to do it's backup checks at fixed times, for instance, at break times. It is always capable of carrying out a manually instigated backup check.

Screen Shots:
Anibak screenshot  Anibak screenshot  Anibak screenshot  Anibak screenshot  Anibak screenshot

For detailed information on this programme you can download it's help file by clicking here.

Last updated: Friday, 12 November 2010.
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